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Aqua Marin

うみものがたり ~あなたがいてくれたコト~
Original Title
Umimonogatari - Anata ga itekuretakoto
Production Year
Running Time

22min x 13 episodes:
Japan's top creators including the director Junichi SATO who is known for "Sailor Moon" and "Aria" series, gathered to bring a unique and amazing magical action fantasy film!
The story revolves around Marin who lives in a beautiful sea along with colorful denizens of the deep, and Kanon who lives on an island by the sea, with a beautiful backdrop of a grand view.
The girls' adventurous journey has just begun!
In a blaze of the sun in a depth of a sea, one innocent girl named Marin lives with beautiful fish of various color. She and her younger sister Uryin always yearn for life on the ground under the blue sky which they haven't seen even once in their life nor allowed to visit.
One day, a brilliantly scintillating ring falls down into the sea. When Marin finds the ring, she decides to jump out of the sea for a journey in order to hand it back to the owner.
Meanwhile, Kanon, a high school girl who lives in the small island surrounded by sea, faces a loss, dumped by her boyfriend. By chance, Marin finds out that Kanon is the one who owned the ring.
When Marin and Kanon encounter each other just as they are guided by fate, their inner magical power start to bloom, and they decide to stand up to fit against the shadowy world…