Original Title
Hobonichi no Kaidan (ほぼ日の怪談。)
Production Year
Release Date
August 2020 (VOD Distribution)
Running Time
#1: 13mins. / #2: 11mins. / #3: 13mins, / #4: 12mins. / #5: 11mins. / #6: 14mins. / #7: 12mins. / #8: 13mins. / #9: 13mins. / #10: 13mins. / #11: 13mins. / #12: 13mins.
/ / / /
#1: Saki SHIMIZU 清水佐紀
#2: Maasa SUDO 須藤茉麻, Rina KOIKE小池里奈
#3: Momona KASAHARA 笠原桃奈, RUKOるうこ
#4: Soki NAKAJIMA中島早貴, Koki KIMIJIMA君島光輝, Hitomi TACHIBANA橘ひと美, Naho YAMADA山田奈保
#5: Suzuran ISE伊勢鈴蘭, Kennnosuke MATSUOKA松岡拳紀介, Ruo TAKAHASHI高橋璃央
#6: Mai OZEKI小関舞, Fuyuna ASAKURA朝倉ふゆな
#7: Maasa SUDO須藤茉麻, Takumi SATO佐藤匠, Toshiyuki SOMEYA染谷俊之
#8: Aina HASHIMOTO橋本愛奈
#9: Shiori NISHIDA西田汐里, Sayaka TOMARU都丸紗也華, Sawa MASAKI正木佐和
#10: Saki NAKAJIMA中島早貴, Kasumi TAKAHASHI高橋かすみ
#11: Kurumi TAKASE高瀬くるみ
#12: Saki SHIMIZU 清水佐紀, Aki MORITA森田亜紀

It can't be happening to me...

Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shinbun by Itoi Shigesato is one of the most popular websites in Japan. Hobonichi's ghost stories is a beloved serialization which is on the website for 15 years since 2004. This is a long-running serialization which only runs in the summer, collecting "A horror experience I had" or " A horror experience I heard from the person who had it" by their readers. The stories were even published in paperback in 2018 and this time, it has been shaped into a drama..
#1: The small single room
A woman who is on a business trip stays at an old muggy hotel room. But this room has a history of a horrific event...

#2: The person you mustn't see
A woman notices that her weight has increased 3kg after taking a bath. Suddenly, she feels a presence of something and looks at a mirror and there she sees...

#3: The laughing woman
A girl has just moved in with her sister. There, every night, she hears a woman laughing from next door. Who is this mystery woman?

#4: The unknown friend
Four girls are having a great time chatting away as always. But in the group, there is one girl that nobody actually knows...

#5: The wish that was never fulfilled
The school festival is just around the corner. One day after school, when everything is quiet, a friend who is supposed to be hospitalized shows up. He has something he would like to say.

#6: Sniffing a book
A girl visits her friend's villa and finds an old book. A weird rotten smell fills the room where she found it...
#7: The answer that returned to mind
Three old friends reunite at their old school which is set to be demolished. Like the good old days, they take out a talking board game...

#8: The small pink notebook
A girls visits her old house and finds a notebook. Her dad's hidden past is revealed and her forgotten memories come gushing back.

#9: Where did you go?
The girl's brand new life with her mom and sister has begun but weird noises disturb them. They are not alone in the house...

#10: Driiiiiing!
A female welfare officer visits an old woman's house. A very old phone sounds in the house, but she is the only one who can hear it.

#11: The friend in the rain
One evening, it is raining heavily. The door bell rings. A friend, who had no plans of coming is standing there, drenched.

#12: The doll in my hand
A woman visits the room of her young relative who passed away eight years ago. There, she finds a peculiar forgotten doll...