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Original Title
PORNOGRAPHER: THE MOVIE -PLAYBACK- (劇場版ポルノグラファー~プレイバック~)
Production Year
Release Date
February 26, 2021
Running Time
/ /
Terunosuke TAKEZAI (竹財輝之助)
Kenta IZUKA (猪塚健太)

Breaking the whole definition of the BL genre, this is a tale of pure love that will surely capture your heart. The delicate portrayal of human weakness and kindness will linger in the minds of the audiences in this story of life and love!

The original BL manga was penned by Maki Marukido for “on BLUE comics.” The story deals with the unheard-of concept of “dictation of an erotic novel” and the manga practically steams with sensuality. Its subtle depiction of human weakness and kindness as well as its gripping, sizzling story quickly launched this manga to popularity.
The first of the three works in the Pornographer series, the titular “Pornographer” is a love story centering on habitual liar and erotic novel writer Rio Kijima and naïve college student Haruhiko Kuzumi. The second, “Mood Indigo” focuses on the past between Kijima and his editor, Shiro Kido and depicts how their relationship goes back and forth between love and friendship. And the third and final installment of the series focuses once again on Kijima and Kuzumi, showing the problems they face as they try to move forward in their lives, and how they drift apart while still yearning to be together. It is a story of love and life, and the fantasies and failures of a novelist who always manages to screw things up.
The erotic novel writer that dictates the text and the one that writes it down... Time has passed since their strange first meeting, and erotic novel writer Rio Kijima and college student Haruhiko Kuzumi have now become lovers. Even with Kijima now living back in his hometown in the country, the two have kept up a long-distance relationship by writing to each other. Kuzumi, despite being busy attempting to find a job, comes to visit whenever he gets the chance. However, Kijima, bitter at how Kuzumi is still young and has a future, insensitively lashes out at him. The pair slowly but surely drifts apart. Unable to adapt to living at his parents’ home, Kijima leaves, moving in with Bar Akemi owner Haruko and her son Shizuo after hurting his arm in a fight.

Looking at his injured arm, Kijima remembers the day he met Kuzumi and forces a pen into Shizuo’s hand and makes him take dictation. But one day out of the blue, Kuzumi shows up after learning that Kijima had left home...

Seeing someone else take dictation, a role he had thought held special meaning for both of them, Kuzumi vents his rage and grief. Confused, Kijima involuntarily confesses that he said hurtful things because of the lack of confidence in himself, but still the gap between the two grows ever wider.

Can these feelings that Kijima has been unable to voice time and time again ever find their way to Kuzumi’s heart...?