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Walking My Life

Original Title
Walking My Life
Production Year
Running Time
Koji Yakusho
Miki Imai

Only six months left to live. To live in the joy of "now"...
This touching movie about love will be etched forever in your heart.
A wonderful career and family. The raising of children is no longer a priority.
If the pronouncement of "only six months to live" was made just at that time when life had become so generous, what would you do?
When an elephant senses that its own death is near, it leaves its herd and heads off to search for a place to die. Perhaps it does not want its death to be seen? Or perhaps it wants to sever its attachment to this world?
A happy family comprised of a husband, wife and two kids. Yukihiro Fujiyama (Koji Yakusho), 48, enjoys a good position as department head with excellent future prospects in a reputable real estate company. However, suddenly one day, comes a pronouncement of lung cancer.
Although thrown into confusion by the doctor's declaration of only six months to live, Fujiyama decides to just live out his remaining days rather than accept life-prolonging treatment. Fujiyama left the company and spent his time living in the "now" with his wife and children. During this renewal of his relationship with his wife, he truly felt the happiness of daily life as a couple, and came to understand the meaning of being a married couple. And their "now" became an unforgettable and irreplaceable time..